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After graduating from UC Berkeley with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, I attended Nova Southwestern University in Florida where I obtained a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. After doing my Internship at the Rusk Institute at NYU Medical Center, I did a Fellowship in Neuropsychology and Psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.

I am a licensed psychologist who has been practicing in New York City for over twenty years and has been in private practice since completing my Fellowship. During this time, I have also been a Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry at NYU Medical Center, where I have supervised psychiatry residents in conducting Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

I have also worked as a neuropsychologist with Dr. Lenard Adler, the Director of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) also at the NYU Medical Center, where I provide evaluations and sometimes, psychotherapy/coaching for individuals with ADHD.

In addition, I continue to perform neuropsychological evaluations referred by several psychologists, neurologists, and other professionals.

In my private practice, I perform extensive neuropsychological and psychological evaluations for a variety of individuals, including those who may have ADHD, learning disorders, cognitive difficulties as a result of possible neurological problems (e.g. head injuries, strokes, dementia, etc.), and possible psychological problems. These individuals range in age from children to seniors.

Many of the evaluations I perform are for individuals who are in school and require clarification and documentation of their particular difficulties for purposes of obtaining accommodations while they are at school and/or when they are taking standardized testing.

I also provide psychotherapy for teenagers and adults who have a variety of psychological diagnoses, including depression and anxiety.

In my practice, I primarily utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques, though other modalities are provided if needed. In addition, I provide cognitive remediation, a form of rehabilitation for individuals who have been diagnosed with neuropsychological problems related to thinking and memory, resulting from neurological problems.

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